Browse Contemporary Tile Looks For 2017

Visually Stunning Tile. Designs for inspiration.

The design possibilities with tile are almost limitless today. Tile manufacturing opened up new possibilities with texturing and finishes. Our specialty is to match your design concept to tile that achieves your vision.

Wood, Concrete, Texturing & Hexagon Tile

Porcelain tiles with detailed textures, are out performing traditional materials. Large format tiles provide durability for large applications. Tile design to look like and feel like concrete, stone, wood and many more textures has changed how modern designs are brought to life. New shapes and patterns of tile like the hexagon, and large format pentagon, you can find on this page.

Focus On Texture and Finish Options

Look at how tile with different finish types is used in these pictures a variety of modern and contemporary looks. From modern to contemporary tile is being used to create stunning looks simply and cost effectively. Natural tile options, like stack stone, stone mosaic, and thin stone tile make design and build fast ans simple.

Metallic, Opalescent and Contoured Tile

Tile with metallic look and new reflections creates design opportunities possible only with tile. Create eye-catching accents with metal like reflections. Contoured tiles have raised dimensional patterns. A relatively new type of tile that redefines design possibilities.

Tile For Commercial Applications

Designing with tile cuts cost and provides incredible value for commercial application. Porcelain tile's durability makes it the most cost effective flooring when installation, Maintenance and life time are factored. The wide range of designs make it easy to get use tile for floor, wall and accents. Tile is inhospitable to microbes, does not release toxic gas and may help you get LEED credits for your building.